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…because if they’re not coming, we’re irrelevant. I recently attended a “Twitter Chat” (my first) with marketing directors from some of the largest regional theatres in the country as well as many other interested parties like myself. It was a fascinating conversation to see what’s working for some as opposed to what works for others. Below […]

21 Things to Make Casting Directors Happy in the Audition Room

Casting directors are your advocates and your champions. Your work reflects on us. Your wonderful work makes us look good and gets that role cast. Your disconnected, tentative, muddled work does nothing for anyone. We need you to be great. We’re here to host your experience and shepherd you in, not hold you back. We […]

BWW Interview: Jeremy Quinn of HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL at White Plains Performing Arts Center

I had the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Quinn, Producing Artistic Director of the White Plains Performing Arts Center regarding the *NY REGIONAL PREMIERE of HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL. I guess my first question is, is “Heathers the Musical” loyal to the original movie?  To be honest with you, I haven’t watched the movie again because I didn’t want […]

Why Theater Majors Are Vital in the Digital Age

By Tracey Moore  APRIL 03, 2016  The study of theater has always been a slightly odd fit with higher education. Theater’s departmental needs are so different from the norm: Where other programs require smart classrooms, desks, and Wi-Fi, we seek vast, empty spaces with sprung wood floors and natural light. The inner life of a […]

6 Skills Young Arts Managers Need to Have

Posted Apr 2 2015 by  Shane Jewell in Featured, Jewell Re: Arts More and more students have started to contact me, asking if I have time to talk to them about arts management. Some are even arts or dance management majors. I have found most of these students woefully unprepared for a life in this field. They’re often taught history, philosophy of […]